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Table 1 Antibodies used for flow cytometry, immunofluorescence, and western blot analysis

From: Comprehensive characterization of chorionic villi-derived mesenchymal stromal cells from human placenta

Flow cytometry Source Immunofluorescence Source
CD44-PeCy7 560569, BD Pharmingen SM22a ab10135, Abcam
CD73 550256, BD Pharmingen Calpomin Ab700, Abcam
CD105 555690, BD Pharmingen SM-MHC M7786, Sigma
HLA-ABC-APC 562006, BD Pharmingen α-SMA A2547, Sigma
CD34-PerCP-Cy5.5 347222, BD Pharmingen Tert (1:50) AP33476PU-N, Acris
CD45-APC 555485, BD Pharmingen Sox2 PA1-16968, Thermo
CD49a 559594, BD Pharmingen Nanog PA1-097X, Thermo
CD146-PE 561013, BD Pharmingen Oct3/4 sc-5279, Santa Cruz Biotechnology
CD166-PE 559263, BD Pharmingen Western blot assay Source
CD19 555410, BD Pharmingen
CD56-PeCy7 557747, BD Pharmingen Tert(1:1000) SAB4502945, Sigma
CD80-PE 560925, BD Pharmingen Sox2 (1:2000) PA1-16968, Thermo
CD83-PeCy7 561132, BD Pharmingen Oct3/4(1:1000) sc-5273, Santa Cruz Biotechnology
CD86-V450 560359, BD Pharmingen Nanog (1:2000) PA1-097X, Thermo
Strol 14-6688-80, eBiosciences Erk1/2 (1:1000) 9102, Cell Signaling
CD106-PerCPCy5.5 45-0149-42, eBiosciences pErk1/2(1:1000) 9101, Cell Signaling
CD14-PerCPCy5.5 45-0149-42, eBiosciences β-Catenin (1:5000) ab32572, Abcam
CD40-PeCy7 25-0409-41, eBiosciences Smad2/3 (1:400) AF3797, R&D Systems
CD275(B7H2)-PE 12-5889-41, eBiosciences pSmad2/3(1:1000) 8828, Cell Signaling
CD90-APC 17-0909-42, eBiosciences NICD(1:500) ab8925, Abcam
HLA-DR-efluor450 48-9956-41, eBiosciences Akt1/2(1:1000) sc-1619, Santa Cruz Biotechnology
α-SMA A2547, Sigma pArk1/2(1:1000) 9271, Cell Signaling
SM22α ab10135, Abcam Smad1/5/9(1:2000) ab66737, Abcam
vWF ab8822, Abcam PSmad1/5(1:1000) 9516, Cell Signaling
  1. All antibodies were used in 1:100 dilutions, unless otherwise indicated