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Fig. 2

From: BCN057 induces intestinal stem cell repair and mitigates radiation-induced intestinal injury

Fig. 2

BCN057 activates Wnt-β-catenin signaling. a HEK293 cells having TCF/LEF luciferase reporter construct were treated with BCN057 or LiCl. Treatment with BCN057 showed higher luciferase activity compared with vehicle control (*p < 0.001). b Representative microscopic images (×60 magnification) of jejunal sections immunostained with anti β-catenin antibody to determine β-catenin nuclear localization. Nuclei stained with hematoxylin. Irradiated mice treated with BCN057 demonstrated more nuclear β-catenin staining (dark brown; indicated with arrows) at the base of the crypt compared with control nuclei stained blue. c Nuclear β-catenin count. Each data point is the average of the number of β-catenin-positive nucleus from 15 crypts per field, five fields per mice. The number of β-catenin-positive nuclei in irradiated mice receiving BCN057 is higher compared with irradiated controls (*p < 0.005). Unirradiated mice receiving BCN057 showed a higher number of β-catenin-positive nuclei compared with irradiated controls (*p < 0.001; unpaired t test, two-tailed). AIR abdominal irradiation, PBS phosphate-buffered saline

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