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Fig. 4

From: Temporomandibular joint regeneration: proposal of a novel treatment for condylar resorption after orthognathic surgery using transplantation of autologous nasal septum chondrocytes, and the first human case report

Fig. 4

Right and left TMJ CT images from the patient at different follow-up times: external lateral view (0°), frontal view (90°), and internal lateral view 180°) (a) CT images obtained before first orthognathic surgery. Note the presence of degenerative changes in both TMJs, being more severe in the right one (red arrows). (b) CT images obtained 6 months after first orthognathic surgery. Note worsening of degenerative changes in the right side, with a bone cavity formation (yellow arrows). (c) CT images obtained 6 months after cell therapy injection. Note the new cortical and subcortical bone formation (green arrows). (d) CT images obtained 1 year after the injection of the cellular therapy, demonstrating the maintenance of the gains obtained during the former follow-up period

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