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Table 1 Properties and markers used to identify fibrocytes

From: The emerging role of fibrocytes in ocular disorders

Property Expression
 Cytokine production ++
 Immune cell trafficking ++
 ECM production ++
 α-SMA production +
 Lipid metabolism +
 Antigen presentation ++
 Angiogenesis +
 MMP production +
 Chitinase production +
 Growth factors (TGF-β1, MCP-1) +/++
Monocyte markers
 CD11a, CD11b, CD11c, CD13, CD32, CD64 +/++
 CD14 +/−
Stem cell/progenitor markers
 CD34 ++
 CD105 ++
Dendritic cell markers
 CD1a, Cd10, CD83
B cell markers
T cell markers
 CD3, CD4, CD8, CD25, CD56
Macrophages markers
 CD45RO, 25F9, S100A8/A9 +
 PM-2 K
 CD18, CD29, CD49b, CD49e, CD61 ++
 CD49a +
 CD49c, CD49d, CD49f, CD103, α4β7
Cell surface enzymes
 CD10, CD172a +
 proly14-hydroxylase +
 FAP +
Scavenging receptors and molecules involved in host defense
 CD68, CD163, CD206, CD209, CD35, CD36 +/−
Chemokine receptors
 CCR1, CCR2, CCR3, CCR4, CCR5, CCR7, CCR9, CXCR1, CXCR4, CX3CR1, CXCR3 +/++
Antigen presentation
 CD40, CD54, CD80, CD86, MHC class I and II ++/+
Extracellular matrix proteins
 Collagen I, III and IV, vimentin, tenascin +
 Fibronectin, α-SMA +/−
 Collagen V ++
 MMP-9 ++
 Perlecan, versican, hyaluronan ++/+
 Decorin, biglycan +
Adhesion and motility markers
 CD43, CD164, galectin 3, LSP1 +/++
 CD29, CD44, CD81, ICAM1, CD81 +
 Semaphorin 7A +
 CD90 +/−
 CD105 +
  1. The symbols represent high or increasing level of expression (++, +), conflicting reports or equivocal evidence of expression level (+/−), and no expression (−), and have been arbitrarily assigned to each marker based on published data [6, 7, 22]
  2. α-SMA α-smooth muscle actin, CCR CC-chemokine receptor, CXCR CXC-chemokine receptor, ECM extracellular matrix, FAP fibroblast activation protein, ICAM1 intercellular adhesion molecule 1, LSP1 leukocyte-specific protein-1, MCP-1 monocyte chemotactic protein 1, MMP matrix metalloproteinase, TGF-β1 transforming growth factor-β1, vWF Von Willebrand factor