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Fig. 1

From: Autologous adipose-derived stromal vascular fraction and scarred vocal folds: first clinical case report

Fig. 1

Flow cytometry analysis of SVF cell subsets representing the gating strategy divided among CD45+ (hematopoietic) and CD45- (regenerative) populations. (a) Selection of viable cells based on the negative expression of NucBlue and size scatter parameter (b) Viable cells are divided into CD45+ cells (hematopoietic) and CD45- cells (regenerative) (c) Among regenerative cells, three populations are identified based on the expression of CD146 and CD34: CD146high/CD34high are endothelial cells; CD146-/CD34high are stromal cells; CD146 high/CD34med population gathering pericytes and transitional cells (d) Pericytes and transitional cells are divided based on the expression of CD90 (+ for transitional and – for pericytes) (e) Confirmation of stromal cells identification based on the expression of CD90 (+ for stromal cells) (f) Among hematopoietic cells, macrophages are identified based on the expression of CD14 and size scatter parameter (g) Among CD14-/CD45+ cells, granulocytes and lymphocytes are separated based on the size scatter parameter (h) Expression of CD56 and CD3 allows to make characterization of NK and T lymphocytes subsets

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