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Table 1 Inclusion and non inclusion criteria for the CELLCORDES clinical trial

From: Autologous adipose-derived stromal vascular fraction and scarred vocal folds: first clinical case report

Inclusion criteria
- Affiliation to social security - Signed informed consent - Voice Handicap Index > 60/120 - Scarred vocal folds, congenital (sulcus) or after phonosurgery - Scarred middle third in stroboscopy - One year delay after initial surgery - Patients aged between 18 and 65 years - Good general condition - Negative pregnancy test and contraception for women of child-bearing age
Non inclusion criteria
Specific Non-specific
- Refusal of speech therapy - History of malignant lesion or severe dysplasia of the scarred vocal fold - Contraindication to anesthesia - Anti-coagulant treatment - Coagulation disorders (prothrombin time  < 65%, kaolin-activated partial thromboplastin time > 1,2) - Active infectious diseases - Positive serology for HIV, HBV, HCV, HTLV or syphilis - Necessity of intraoperative prophylactic antibiotics - Taking an investigational medicinal product in the last 3 months - Refusal or inability to comply with study procedures - Pregnant and lactating women - Patients under curatorship or tutorship - Persons residing in a public health or social institution - Minors - Persons not covered by a social security scheme - Persons deprived of liberty or detainees - Persons in emergency situations