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Table 2 TaqMan® probe and primer mixtures used in gene expression assays

From: Intramuscular transplantation of bone marrow cells prolongs the lifespan of SOD1G93A mice and modulates expression of prognosis biomarkers of the disease

Gene Part number
Ankrd1 Mm00496512_m1
Calm Mm00486655_m1
Col19a1 Mm00483576_m1
Gsr Mm00833903_m1
Impa1 Mm00497770_m1
Mt2 Mm00809556_s1
Mef2c Mm00600423_m1
Myod1 Mm00440387_m1
Myf5 Mm00435125_m1
Myog Mm00446194_m1
Nnt Mm00435154_m1
Pax7 Mm00834079_m1
Rrad Mm00451053_m1
Rtn4 Mm00445861_m1
Sln Mm00481536_m1
Snx10 Mm00511049_m1
β-actin 4352933E
GAPDH 4352932E