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Table 2 Monoclonal antibodies used in the blocking experiments

From: Characterization of the interaction between human decidua parietalis mesenchymal stem/stromal cells and natural killer cells

Monoclonal antibody Isotype Clone Catalogue number
NKp30 IgG2A 210,847 MAB 1849
NKp44 IgG2a 253,415 MAB22491
NKp46 IgG2b 195,314 MAB 1850
CD69 IgG2a 298,633 MAB23591
CD226 (DNAM-1) IgG1 102,511 MAB666
NKG2D (CD314) IgG1 149,810 MAB139
CD94 IgG1 131,412 MAB1058