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Fig. 1

From: Effects of senolytic drugs on human mesenchymal stromal cells

Fig. 1

ABT-263 has senolytic effects in human MSCs. a Exemplary phase-contrast and fluorescence microscopic images of non-senescent cells (PKH67, green, passage 3) and senescent cells (PKH26, red, passage 12). w/o = without additional drug;  Scale bars = 100 μm. b Normalized fractions of cells determined by flow cytometric quantification of red (senescent) and green (non-senescent) cells indicate that particularly ABT-263 reduced senescent cells (normalized to untreated controls, n = 3, mean ± SD; *p ≤ 0.05). c Dose–response curves analysed after 3 days of treatment with drugs and viability estimated by flow-cytometric assays (normalized to untreated controls, n = 3, mean ± SD; individually assessed for early and late passage cells). d SA-β-gal staining performed either in non-senescent (passage 3) or senescent (passage 12) MSCs upon treatment with senolytic drugs for 3 days (exemplary images depicted, scale bars = 200 μm). NR nicotinamide riboside

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