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Fig. 1

From: Co-culturing nucleus pulposus mesenchymal stem cells with notochordal cell-rich nucleus pulposus explants attenuates tumor necrosis factor-α-induced senescence

Fig. 1

Process of harvesting notochordal cell (NC)-rich nucleus pulposus (NP) explants model and grouping. Rabbit NP tissue from L4/5, L5/6, or L6/7 IVDs were harvested and partially digested to harvest NC-rich NP for the explant model. Human nucleus pulposus mesenchymal stem cells (NPMSCs), incubated in 24-well transwell inserts, were cultured in serum-free medium for 24 h. Subsequently, samples were divided into three groups in triplicate as follows: group 1 was treated as the control, group 2 was treated with 10 ng/ml tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-α, and group 3 was treated with 10 ng/ml TNF-α and NC-rich NP as the coculture group. After 7 days of culture, NC-rich NP explants and NPMSCs were harvested for further analysis

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