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Fig. 3

From: Co-culturing nucleus pulposus mesenchymal stem cells with notochordal cell-rich nucleus pulposus explants attenuates tumor necrosis factor-α-induced senescence

Fig. 3

Notochordal cell (NC) viability and markers in NC-rich nucleus pulposus (NP) explant model after 7 days of culture. The viability of NCs in NC-rich NP explants derived from L4/5, L5/6, or L6/7 IVDs is shown, based on similar live cell percentages (a,b). For real-time PCR, brachyury (c) and keratin 18 (KRT18) (d) were tested in the three segments of NC-rich NP explants, which were found to be similarly expressed but significantly upregulated compared with expression in NCs. All data are expressed as mean ± standard deviation; n = 3. CAM calcein-AM, PI propidium iodide

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