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Fig. 6

From: An improvised one-step sucrose cushion ultracentrifugation method for exosome isolation from culture supernatants of mesenchymal stem cells

Fig. 6

a Representative flow cytometry histogram plots for CD63-positive exosomes isolated by both methods and (b) its quantification. c Confocal microscopy (Leica, Wetzlar, Germany) was used to visualize the PKH26-labeled exosomes bound to magnetic beads (magnification 63×). d Representative flow cytometry histogram plots for BMSC- and ADSC-derived exosomes to analyze the expression of parent cell surface markers (CD73and CD29). Results are mean ± standard error of the mean of three independent experiments. *Significant with P value of less than 0.05. Abbreviations: ADSC adipose tissue–derived mesenchymal stem cell, BMSC bone marrow–derived mesenchymal stem cell, ns non-significant, SUC one-step sucrose cushion ultracentrifugation, UC direct ultracentrifugation

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