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Fig. 1

From: Urine-derived cells for human cell therapy

Fig. 1

In-vitro characteristics of the urine-derived cells. a Growth curve analysis of renal cells (RC) and urine stem cells (USC) from different donors. Analysis reveals that USC have better expandability than renal cells. Renal cells demonstrated less expandability by passage 5. RC M60, M43, F38, and M37 indicate cells cultured from donors of the following ages (years)/gender: 60 (male), 43 (male), 38 (female), and 37 (male), respectively. C1 and C2 indicates the cell line number. USC M22, M28, F29, and M63 indicate urine stem cells cultured from donors of the following ages (years)/gender: 22 (male), 28 (male), 29 (female), and 60 (male), respectively. b Life-span of urine stem cells. Irrespective of the cells being from different donors, the isolated urine stem cells have been shown to generate viable cells up to 40–45 days

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