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Table 1 Markers expressed by different urine-derived cells

From: Urine-derived cells for human cell therapy

Markers Urine stem cells Renal cells Podocytes PTEC Reference
ESC/iPSC Oct 3/4, Sox-2, c-Myc, Klf-4, SSEA-4, Tra-1-60, Tra-1-81 Sox-2 [3, 6]
MSC CD29, CD44, CD54, CD73, CD90, CD105, CD166, STRO-1 [13]
Pericyte CD24, CD133. CD140b, CD146, CD224, PDGF-rβ, NG-2 [46]
Haematopoietic stem cell CD34, CD45, MHC-I [13]
Interstitial cells c-Kit [3]
Renal tubular CK-7 CK-7, SLC2A1 [32]
Fibroblasts Vimentin, α-tubulin Actin, Vimentin [32]
Smooth muscle α- SMA, Desmin [6]
Urothelial CK-13, CK-19, Uroplakin CD 13 [46]
Endothelial vWF, CD31 [27, 47]
Kidney-specific Pax 2, Pax 8, Six 2, FZD, ep-CAM L1CAM, NR3C2 [32, 46]
Membrane/tight junction Zo-1, Occludin (traces) β- Catenin, E-cadherin, Claudin 1 Zo-1, E-cadherin, MRP4 Oct-2 P-gp, BCRP [32, 86]
Pancreatic Sox-17, PDX1   [55]
Hepatic Sox-17, AFP   [55]
Others    Podocalyxin, synaptopodin, GLEPP1, podocin Collagen I αI, Collagen IV αI, fibronectin I, laminin 5 [86, 87]
  1. Urinary stem cells (USC) stand superior in terms of the markers expressed. The gene profile of renal cells has not been extensively studied compared with USC and, therefore, detailed analysis of the markers needs to be carried out
  2. See the abbreviations list for definitions of the marker acronyms
  3. ESC embryonic stem cells, iPSC induced pluripotent stem cells, MSC mesenchymal stem cells, PTEC proximal tubule epithelial cells