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Table 2 The top 10 significantly downregulated genes in polycystic ovary syndrome patient-derived induced pluripotent stem cells

From: New insights into the genic and metabolic characteristics of induced pluripotent stem cells from polycystic ovary syndrome women

Gene name Gene number Gene Ontology molecular function term Fold-change
FN1 NM_002026 Cell adhesion, protein binding, inflammatory response 0.001
NTS NM_006183 Neuropeptide hormone activity, signal transduction 0.002
CER1 NM_005454 Cytokine activity, morphogen activity, BMP binding 0.002
SPP1 NM_000582 Cytokine activity, ossification, transforming growth factor (TGF)-β signaling 0.003
SLC7A3 NM_001048164 Amino acid and ion transport, transmembrane transport 0.003
SLC2A3 NM_006931 Glucose transmembrane transporter activity 0.004
ZFP42 NM_174900 Sequence-specific DNA binding transcription activity, 0.004
HAS2 NM_005328 Hyaluronan synthase activity, kidney development 0.005
PTPRZ1 NM_001206838 Protein dephosphorylation, axonogenesis 0.005
CDH1 NM_004360 Calcium ion binding, protein phosphatase binding 0.006