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Table 3 The top 10 significantly upregulated genes in polycystic ovary syndrome patient-derived induced pluripotent stem cells

From: New insights into the genic and metabolic characteristics of induced pluripotent stem cells from polycystic ovary syndrome women

Gene name Gene number Gene Ontology molecular function term Fold-change
IFI16 NM_001206567 Transcription, cell proliferation, hemopoiesis 1484
CAPN6 NM_014289 Calcium-dependent cysteine-type endopeptidase 221.7
LAMA4 NM_001105206 Extracellular matrix structural constituent 151.6
IL18 NM_001562 MAPK cascade, inflammatory and immune response 96.9
FOLH1B NM_153696 Metallopeptidase and dipeptidase activity, proteolysis 80.2
FOLH1 NM_004476 Folic acid-containing compound metabolic process 78.2
TBX5 NM_080718 Transcription factor activity, heart development 76.4
FBP1 NM_000507 AMP binding, fructose and glucose metabolic process 69.2
AGL NM_000028 Glycogen debranching enzyme, glucose metabolism 42.7
KIAA1324 NM_020775 Macroautophagy, regulation of apoptosis, trans-Golgi 29.6