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Table 2 Summary of currently open and recruiting mesenchymal stem cell (MSC)-based immunotherapy studies for glioma

From: Current status and potential challenges of mesenchymal stem cell-based therapy for malignant gliomas

MSC source (species) Tumour type (species) Route of administration Experimental animal Immunomodulatory gene Year References
Bone marrow (rat) 9 L (rat) Intra-tumoural/contralateral Fischer rat IL-2 2004 [48]
Bone marrow (rat) N32 (rat) Intra-tumoural Fischer rat IL-7 2010 [50]
Bone marrow (human) U87 (human) Intra-tumoural/intra-carotid Nude mice IFN-β 2005 [45]
Bone marrow (rat) C6 (rat) Intra-tumoural Spraguee-Dawley rat IL-18 2009 [49]
Umbilical cord blood (human) GL26 (mouse) Contralateral/ipsilateral C57BI/6 mice IL-12 2011 [51]
Umbilical cord blood (human) U87 (human) Intra-tumoural/contralateral Nude mice TRAIL 2008 [71]
  1. IFN interferon, IL interleukin, TRAIL tumour necrosis factor-related apoptosis-inducing ligand