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Fig. 1

From: Improving hematopoietic recovery through modeling and modulation of the mesenchymal stromal cell secretome

Fig. 1

Training data and regression modeling. a Expression data of 35 secreted proteins versus the mouse survival proportions at 18 days post-irradiation. Secreted protein concentrations were assayed prior to injection for five experimental MSC groups: Dhi MSCs (orange), unsorted MSCs at three different passages (yellow, green, cyan), and Dlo MSCs (blue). The small “p” indicates passage number of the cell population, e.g., p6 is passage 6 or approximately 12 population doublings in vitro. Black arrows visualize a single protein’s increasing concentration trending with increasing survival proportion. b Loading vectors of predictor (purple stars) and response (blue stars) variables in two-dimensional principal component plot from PLSR. c Survival curves from all five experimental groups are plotted with survival curves predicted from PLSR model (dashed line). d Every data point from the model rendered as fitted data against the experimental or observed data

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