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Fig. 4

From: Protein disulfide isomerase as a prosurvival factor in cell therapy for muscular and vascular diseases

Fig. 4

Monitoring of luciferase-positive human primary myoblasts overexpressing PDI transplanted in mdx mice. Luciferase-positive human myoblasts (1.0 × 105 cells) transduced either with GFP (CTRL) or PDI-GFP (PDI) were injected into tibialis anterior muscle of 2-month-old, immunosuppressed, mdx mice. Engraftment of luciferase-expressing cells monitored from day 1 to day 7 by in vivo bioluminescent imaging and signals in selected area of interest quantified using Living Image software (top panels). At sacrifice, hindlimbs were excised and imaging performed ex vivo (bottom panels). Color bars indicate relative bioluminescent signal intensities from lowest (blue) to highest (red). Values expressed in photons per second per square centimeter per steradian (photons/s/cm2/sr). We determined no difference at earliest time point, while signals detected both by in vivo and ex vivo imaging 1 week after implantation were significantly higher in animals receiving PDI-GFP-expressing cells versus mice receiving control cells. Figure shows a representative animal per group (n = 5). CTRL control, PDI protein disulfide isomerase

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