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Fig. 6

From: Protein disulfide isomerase as a prosurvival factor in cell therapy for muscular and vascular diseases

Fig. 6

Transplantation of human endothelial cells overexpressing PDI into mouse model of hindlimb ischemia. a In vivo bioluminescence analysis of representative mice undergoing experimental ischemia that received transplants of luciferase-expressing human endothelial cells expressing either GFP (CTRL) or PDI and GFP (PDI). Color bar indicates relative bioluminescent signal intensities from lowest (blue) to highest (red). b Laser Doppler scanning of blood flow over hindlimbs 1 week after critical limb ischemia. Quantification of measurements expressed as ischemic vs contralateral nonischemic whole limb perfusion ratios in untreated (Isc) and experimental groups administered with GFP (CTRL) and PDI-GFP (PDI)-expressing cells (n = 5). Perfusion ratio before ischemia (Norm) shown as reference. *p < 0.05. GFP green fluorescent protein, PDI protein disulfide isomerase

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