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Fig. 3

From: Mesenchymal stem cells recruited by castration-induced inflammation activation accelerate prostate cancer hormone resistance via chemokine ligand 5 secretion

Fig. 3

IL-1β is key mediator of AD-induced MSC migration. a Cytokine analysis of CM isolated from LNCaP cells suffering AD or not for 48 h, and expression determined by Bio-Plex Pro™ cytokine assay kit (Bio-Rad Laboratories, USA). b ELISA performed to examine concentration of IL-1β in CM isolated from LNCaP cells 48 h after AD administration using commercial ELISA kits (R&D Systems, Minneapolis, MN, USA) according to manufacturer’s instructions. c RT-PCR analysis of cytokine expression levels in LNCaP cells with or without AD administration, in absence and presence of 1 mg/ml IL-1β neutralization antibody (αIL-1β). d RT-PCR analysis of IL-1β expression level in tumor tissues with or without castration. e H&E staining and IHC analysis of cross-sections through tumors obtained from mice with or without castration (original magnification: ×200). f MSC migration assay results after PCa cells administered with AD, in absence and presence of 1 mg/ml IL-1β neutralization antibody. *p < 0.05, **p < 0.01. AD androgen deprivation, H&E hematoxylin and eosin, IgG immunoglobulin G, IL interleukin, MSC mesenchymal stem cell, TNF tumor necrosis factor

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