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Table 2 Derivation of CSKs from human pluripotent stem cells

From: Corneal cell therapy: with iPSCs, it is no more a far-sight

Authors/year/reference number Stem cell type Derived cell type Time line in days Culture conditions Markers evaluated Remarks
Joseph et al./2016/64 iPSCs CSK 20 D0–5: EBs in Tesr1 media
D6–14: KDM
Keratocan Model corneal disease using patient-derived iPSCs
Naylor et al./2016/67 iPSCs CSK 30 D0-D8: cultured on Geltrex substrate in ES medium + RI ALDH1A1, ALDH3A1, keratocan, and CHST6 hiPSCs to keratocyte cells
D9–30: KDM
Chan et al./2013/73 ESCs CSK 12 D0–6: on PA6 feeders in ES medium Keratocan; Aldh3a1 At D6, keratocyte precursor cells selected by NGFR expression
D7–14: KDM
Hertsenberg et al./2015/74 ESCs CSK 23 D0-D7: induction on PA6 feeder layer (for SDIA)
D7–21: KDM
Keratocan; keratan sulphate Differentiated first to NCSC then sorted by NGFR and cultured in KDM