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Table 3 Derivation of CEnCs from hPSCs

From: Corneal cell therapy: with iPSCs, it is no more a far-sight

Authors/year/reference number Stem cell type Derived cell type Time line in Days Culture conditions Remarks
Zhang et al./2014/86 ESCs CEnCs 25 D0–9: EBs was placed on ECM-coated substrate in basal medium
D10–25: transwell culture in CEnCM
Report the derivation of CEnC-like cells hESCs through the POMP
McCabe et al./2015/88 ESCs CEnCs 10 D0–3: ESCs cultured in ES medium + SMAD inhibitors (Noggin, SB43152). D4-D10: ES medium + PDGF + DKK2 Global gene analysis revealed the ES-derived CEnCs similar to their in vivo counterparts
Zhao et al./2016/31 ESCs/iPSCs CEnCs D27 D0–2: cultured in priming medium
D3–9: EFSC generation
D10–18: NCSC derivation
D19–27: NCSCs differentiated to CEC
Generate CEnC from PSCs under defined culture conditions following a multi-step differentiation process
Song et al./2016/83 ESCs CEnCs 30 D0–14: NCC induction
D15–30: CEnC derivation
Compared transcriptome of ESC-derived CEnCs to in vivo counterpart
Zhang et al./2017/87 ESCs CEN 25 D0–25: culture conditions as mentioned by Zhang et al. 2014 Developed strategy for the construction of TECS by co-culturing ESC-derived LEC and CEnCs