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Fig. 2

From: Non-invasive imaging reveals conditions that impact distribution and persistence of cells after in vivo administration

Fig. 2

MRI and immunofluorescence images of mMSCs in the brains and kidneys. In vivo and post mortem T2*-weighted images of the a brains and b kidneys of mice pre- and post administration of SPION-labelled mMSCs via the IV or IC route. c Epifluorescence of Zsgreen (green) and nuclei (blue) of a single kidney glomerulus (top) and the corresponding Prussian blue image (bottom), demonstrating that cells and SPIONs co-localised to the same spatial location. d Overlay of confocal microscopy images of Isolectin-IB 4 staining (red), ZsGreen (green) and nuclei (blue). Tissue sections were obtained from the brain (left) or kidney (right) of mice culled within 5 h after having received cells IC. Scale bars correspond to 10 μm

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