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Fig. 4

From: Non-invasive imaging reveals conditions that impact distribution and persistence of cells after in vivo administration

Fig. 4

Impact of administration route on long-term tumour formation. a Representative BLI of SCID mice administered with mMSC via the IC or IV route. Quantification of the bioluminescence signal from each individual mouse that received mMSCs b IC (n = 5) or c IV (n = 3) up to day 17. The signal corresponds to a region of interest drawn around the whole body of the mouse. d Mean whole-body quantification of the bioluminescence signal up to day 30. Error bars represent SE. e T2-weighted MRI of tumours in animals that received mMSCs via IC or IV as imaged 30 days post administration. Arrows indicate individual tumours, usually in the skeletal muscle apart from the IV route, where a tumour was found close to the lungs

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