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Fig. 3

From: Ex vivo MRI cell tracking of autologous mesenchymal stromal cells in an ovine osteochondral defect model

Fig. 3

In vitro assessment of cell viability, proliferation and tri-lineage differentiation potential post GET-Nanomag labelling of oMSCs. Images are selected for a single sheep donor but are representative of all donors. a Live/dead staining of labelled (25 μg/ml) and unlabelled oMSCs 24 hrs and 5 days post-labelling. b Quantification of cellular health via Alamar blue metabolic assay at days 0 (pre-labelling), 1 and 7 (post-labelling) with cells labelled with 0, 1, 10, 25 and 50 μg/ml Nanomag or GET-Nanomag. c Tri-lineage differentiation of labelled (25 μg/ml) and unlabelled oMSCs from a representative sheep donor (donor 26) where alizarin red staining was used to confirm osteogenesis (day 28), Oil Red O staining to assess adipogenesis (day 14) and finally Alcian blue staining to evaluate chondrogenesis (day 21) (n = 3). GET-Nanomag-labelled cells cultured in basic media served as representative control groups (n = 3). Scale bars = 100 μm

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