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Table 1 Antibodies used for flow cytometric analysis and immunofluorescence microscopy

From: Targeted gene silencing in human embryonic stem cells using cell-penetrating peptide PepFect 14

  Name Dilution Host and clonality Supplier
Target protein
 OCT4 (Alexa 647) 653710 (3A2A20) 1:100 Mouse monoclonal IgG2b BioLegend
 NANOG (PE) 560483 (N31-355) 1:5 Mouse monoclonal IgG1 BD Biosciences
 SOX2 (PerCp-Cy5.5) 561506 (030-678) 1:20 Mouse monoclonal IgG1 BD Biosciences
 B2M (Alexa 488) FAB8248G (883028) 1:20 Mouse monoclonal IgG1 R&D Systems
Isotype controls
 Alexa 647 conjugate 400330 1:100 Mouse IgG2b BioLegend
 PE conjugate 554680 1:80 Mouse IgG1 BD Biosciences
 PerCp-Cy5.5 conjugate 552834 1:5 Mouse IgG1 BD Biosciences
 Alexa 488 conjugate 557702 1:25 Mouse IgG1 BD Biosciences
  1. Fluorescent label conjugated to antibody is indicated in the brackets of target protein column. Abbreviations: PE phycoerythrin, PerCP peridinin chlorophyll protein complex