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Fig. 5

From: Exosomes from glioma cells induce a tumor-like phenotype in mesenchymal stem cells by activating glycolysis

Fig. 5

2-DE profiling of the differentially expressed proteins between hBMSCs and hBMSCs incubated with 300 μg/mL U251 cell-derived exosomes for 48 h. Total protein extracts were separated on pH 3–10 nonlinear IPG strips in the first dimension, followed by 12% SDS-PAGE in the second dimension and visualization by silver staining. a Representative 2-DE image of control hBMSCs for 48 h. b Representative 2-DE image of hBMSCs treated with 300 μg/mL U251 cell-derived exosomes for 48 h. The differentially expressed spots were identified by MS (marked with an arrow and number)

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