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Fig. 9

From: Exosomes from glioma cells induce a tumor-like phenotype in mesenchymal stem cells by activating glycolysis

Fig. 9

Protein interaction network and functional analysis. a The network containing ten identified differentially expressed proteins were mapped using the STRING system ( based on evidence with different types. bd Gene Ontology (GO) classification of the hBMSC proteins affected by U251 cell-derived exosomes. The y-axis shows significantly enriched Gene Ontology (GO) terms relative to the genome, and the x-axis shows the enrichment scores of these terms. b Molecular function (MF) categories in GO. c Biological process (BP) categories in GO. d Cellular component (CC) categories in GO. e KEGG analysis of differentially expressed proteins associated signal pathways. f KEGG pathway enrichment analysis maps of the glycolysis/gluconeogenesis signal pathway

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