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Fig. 4

From: BAM15 attenuates transportation-induced apoptosis in iPS-differentiated retinal tissue

Fig. 4

Addition of 100 μmol/L BAM15 during transportation protects neuronal intactness. a In cups of 30 days, immunofluorescence results revealed axons stained with NEFL appeared even and successive in the blank group. After 5 days of transportation, neurons were injured with axons manifesting disrupted in the Con group, while appeared tortuous and aggregated in the DMSO group. The use of BAM15 during transportation enables neurons to be continuous and straight. b In retinal tissue of 60 days, axons stained with NEFL scattered into small sections after transportation in the Con and DMSO group. And axons in the BAM15 group were longer and more continuous. Scale = 50 μm (a). Scale = 100 μm (b)

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