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Fig. 5

From: BAM15 attenuates transportation-induced apoptosis in iPS-differentiated retinal tissue

Fig. 5

Transportation increased apoptosis and deceased cell viability, and BAM15 changed this trend adversely. a Immunofluorescence staining result showed transportation increased expression of Caspase-3 (green) in retinal cups of 30 days, but imposed little effects on expression of Laminin (red). The use of DMSO and BAM15 in transportation was able to alleviate the intensified expression of Caspase-3. b In retinal cups of 60 days, the addition of DMSO or BAM15 was able to reduce the elevated expression of Caspase-3 (green) in transportation. In addition, staining results indicated expression of Laminin (red) varied slightly in different groups. c Real-time PCR revealed dynamic expression changes of apoptotic-related genes NFκB, TNF-α and P53 in retinal tissue of 30 days. d Changes of NFκB, TNF-α, and P53 expression was assessed in retinal cups of 60 days by real-time PCR analysis. e Cell viability of retinal cups was assessed by CCK8 assay in transportation. Scale = 50 μm (a). Scale = 100 μm (b)

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