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Fig. 1

From: microRNA-690 regulates induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) differentiation into insulin-producing cells by targeting Sox9

Fig. 1

Overview of the differentiation protocol. a Summary of the three-step differentiation protocol. EBs embryoid bodies, MPs multilineage progenitor. b Morphologies of differentiating iPSCs into IPCs at different time points during differentiation. Scale bar: 20 μm. c Immunofluorescence assay of iPSCs at step 3 on day 21. Co-immunostaining of insulin (red) with C-peptide (green); nuclear DAPI staining is shown in blue. Scale bar: 75 μm. d Flow cytometry plots illustrating the protein expression of insulin in populations of iPSC-derived IPCs. Black text indicates the percentage of insulin. e Glucose-stimulated insulin secretion in vitro. iPSC-derived IPCs on day 21 of the three-step protocol were exposed to different glucose concentrations (0, 5, and 15 mM). The insulin concentration levels were determined

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