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Fig. 6

From: microRNA-690 regulates induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) differentiation into insulin-producing cells by targeting Sox9

Fig. 6

miR-690 may affect the differentiation of IPCs by inactivating the expression of the Wnt signaling pathway. a Quantitative RT-PCR analysis of the expression levels Sox9 and β-catenin. The scale bar represents 100 μm. Western blotting analysis of the effects of miR-690 overexpression on Sox9 (b, c), p-GSK3β (phosphorylated-GSK3β) (d, e), and β-catenin (f, g) (690-OE means 690 overexpression/miR-690 agomir). β-Actin was used as the loading control. h Immunofluorescence assay (Sox9 and β-catenin, red; nuclei, blue; scale bar 75 μm) of the protein level of Sox9 and β-catenin. i Schematic diagram of the supposed role of miR-690 in iPSCs-derived IPCs differentiation.

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