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Fig. 2

From: Platelet-rich plasma improves therapeutic effects of menstrual blood-derived stromal cells in rat model of intrauterine adhesion

Fig. 2

Pregnancy outcome, histological analysis, collagen deposition and cell proliferation in four treatment groups. a Rat uterus after 13.5 days of embryo implantation (E13.5). b Statistical analysis of total embryos and live embryos (N≥5). c Representative H&E staining of uterus at day 9 and day 18 (9- treatment for 9 days,18- treatment for 18 days, 100×). d Comparison of endometrial thickness, epithelial thickness and total vessel numbers at day 9 and day 18 (N≥6).e Representative Masson staining of uterus at day 18 (100×). f Comparison of collagen score at day 18 (N≥6). g Representative immunohistochemical staining of Collagen I at day 9 and day 18 (100×). h Comparison of Collagen Iintensity (N≥6). i Comparison of Collagen ImRNA expression at day 9 and 18 (N≥6). j EdU staining (red) of uterus at day 18, the nuclear was stained by DAPI (blue), upper panels (100×), lower panels (400×). k Comparison of EdU+ cell rate at day 18 (N≥6)

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