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Fig. 4

From: Platelet-rich plasma improves therapeutic effects of menstrual blood-derived stromal cells in rat model of intrauterine adhesion

Fig. 4

RNA sequencing analysis of deferentially expressed genes, verification of deferentially expressed proteins. a DESeq2 results in Volcano plot between N, M and MP groups (blue: differentially expressed genes, orange: non-differentially expressed genes). b Differentially expressed genes between comparison groups in Venn diagram. c Real-time PCR analysis of mRNA expression of Ctgf, Wnt5aand Gdf-5 in four treatment groupsat day 9 and day 18 (N≥6). d Western blot analysis of protein expression of Ctgf, Wnt5a and Gdf-5 in four treatment groupsat day 9 and day 18. e Statistical analysis of Western blot (N≥6)

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