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Fig. 1

From: Immunoregulatory potential of mesenchymal stem cells following activation by macrophage-derived soluble factors

Fig. 1

Immunomodulatory effects of MSC primed with CM from macrophages. a Scheme used to generate conditioned media (CM) from macrophages (upper row). MΦGM or MΦM were treated (CMGM or CMM, respectively) or not (CMGM− or CMM−, respectively) with LPS for 90 min, thoroughly washed with PBS to remove LPS, and incubated in fresh media for 5 h. Scheme of the set-up of co-cultures (lower row). MSC were incubated or not with CM from macrophages or with cytokines for 48 h, thoroughly washed with PBS, and co-cultured with MΦGM or MΦM in the presence of LPS for 24 h. b Levels of inflammatory cytokines in CM of MΦGM or MΦM stimulated or not with LPS. Number of MΦGM (c) or MΦM (d) cultured in isolation or co-cultured with MSC primed or not (−) with CM (left graphs) and levels of TNF-α (middle graphs) and IL-10 (right graphs) in media. *p < 0.05. N.D., not detected

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