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Fig. 1

From: Dermal mesenchymal stem cells: a resource of migration-associated function in psoriasis?

Fig. 1

Morphological characteristics and differentiation ability of DMSCs in vitro (magnification × 40). DMSCs were cultured in vitro and differentiated to osteoblast, adipogenic, and chondrogenic cells. a The cultured cells at day 0, mainly fusocellular, triangular, and polygonal cells. b Cells at day 10, reached confluence. c Cells at day 15, DMSCs exhibited spindle-like morphologies. d Induced positive adipocyte, stained with Oil Red O. e Induced positive osteoblast nodules of calcium mineralization, stained with alizarin red. f Induced positive chondrogenic pellet formation, stained with 0.5% toluidine blue

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