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Fig. 1

From: Continuous exposure of isoprenaline inhibits myoblast differentiation and fusion through PKA/ERK1/2-FOXO1 signaling pathway

Fig. 1

Continuous single-dose ISO dosage-dependently inhibited C2C12 cells differentiation and myoblast fusion. a The typical image of MyHC-positive muscle fibers in differentiated C2C12 cells exposed to different dose of ISO by using immunofluorescent staining. Red color indicates corresponding MyHC expression in the differentiated C2C12 cells; blue color indicates DAPI-labeled nuclei. b-c c The decreasing trend of C2C12 cells differentiation exposed to different dose of ISO were determined by Real-time PCR of satellite cell differentiation markers including MyoD and MyoG. $P = 0.0051 vs. Ctrl; #P = 0.0047 vs.10-8M ISO; ^P = 0.0263 vs. 10-7 M ISO; *P = 0.0033 vs. 10-6 M ISO; @P = 0.0863 vs. 10-8 M ISO; n = 6. d-f Western blot were used to detect the above-mentioned protein levels to further confirm the traits of C2C12 cells differentiation inhibition following the continuous single-dose ISO stimulation. α-tubulin as the internal control. $P = 0.0048 vs. Ctrl; #P = 0.0039 vs.10-8 M ISO; &P = 0.0054 vs. 10-7 M ISO; *=0.0196 vs. 10-6 M ISO; ^P = 0.0679 vs. 10-6 M ISO; n = 6

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