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Fig. 6

From: Continuous exposure of isoprenaline inhibits myoblast differentiation and fusion through PKA/ERK1/2-FOXO1 signaling pathway

Fig. 6

Inactivation of β2-AdR by continuous single-dose ISO involved in ERK1/2 signaling. a The expression of indicated proteins were assessed by western blot. α-tubulin as the internal control. b-e The increased pERK1/2 and decreased pAKT and p38MAPK in continuous single-dose ISO-treated C2C12 cells were shown by semi-quantitative analyses of the indicated proteins in Fig.6a by normalizing to the corresponding total protein. #P = 0.0101 vs. Ctrl or 10-8 M ISO; &P = 0.0003 vs. 10-7 M ISO; *P = 0.0068 vs. 10-6 M ISO; n = 3. f-i Continuous single-dose ISO decreased β2-AdR levels while increasing pβ2-AdR levels, the specific effect could be almost completely abolished by PD98059 (5х10-5 M) as determined by western blot. &P = 0.0014 vs. Ctrl; *P = 0.0008 vs. 10-5 M ISO; n = 3

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