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Fig. 6

From: A novel approach to label bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells with mixed-surface PAMAM dendrimers

Fig. 6

Tracking of the transplanted labeled stem cells using IVIS in vivo and ex vivo: D-Cy5.5-labeled MSCs expressing tdT can be observed for up to 2 weeks post-transplantation by the In vivo Imaging System. a, b Luciferase bioluminescence during 1 week (a) and 2 weeks (b) following transplantation. c, d Cy5.5 fluorescence during 1 (c) and 2 (d) weeks following transplantation. Control animals (right of each image) that received HBSS did not produce any signal. (e) Sections of the brain that received HBSS do not show any fluorescence. (f) Sections of the brain that received D-Cy5.5-labeled MSCs show fluorescence signal from D-Cy5.5 at the striatum (arrows)

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