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Fig. 5

From: Exosome secreted from adipose-derived stem cells attenuates diabetic nephropathy by promoting autophagy flux and inhibiting apoptosis in podocyte

Fig. 5

Exploration of the role of miR-486 on ADSCs-Exo-mediated damage inhibition in MPC5 cells. a, b Expression examination of miR-486 in ADSCs-Exo-treated MPC5 cells and renal tissue by qRT-PCR. c miR-486 expression was evaluated by qRT-PCR in HG-induced MPC5 cells treated with ADSCs-Exo NC and ADSCs-Exo-miR-486 inhibitor. d Measurement of LC3 protein level by IF staining in MPC5 cells treated with HG/MA/HG/ADSCs-Exo/ADSCs-Exo-miR-486 inhibitor. e Apoptosis- and autophagy-related molecules were determined by western blotting using primary antibodies against caspase3, cleaved-caspase3, p-mTOR, mTOR, p62, Beclin1, and LC3 in MPC5 cells. f Relative quantitative analysis of protein levels in panel e. g Apoptotic MPC5 cells were determined by flow cytometry under conditional treatment. h Relative apoptosis rate of MPC5 cells in panel g. Scale bar, 50 μm. *p < 0.05; **p < 0.01

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