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Fig. 1

From: Impact of HOXB7 overexpression on human adipose-derived mesenchymal progenitors

Fig. 1

HOXB7 overexpression leads to morphological changes of AD-MSC without affecting the immunophenotypic profile. a MigR1-HOXB7 vector. b Expression of green fluorescent protein (GFP) detected by FACS in three independent AD-MSC samples (AD-MSC 1, AD-MSC 2, AD-MSC 3) transduced with either empty vector (MSC-GFP) or MigR1-HOXB7 (MSC-HOXB7). c Relative HOXB7 expression in AD-MSC-HOXB7 compared to AD-MSC-GFP. Data are the mean of three biological samples, *p value = 0.001. d Microscopic morphology of the three different biological samples (AD-MSC 1, AD-MSC 2, AD-MSC 3) either overexpressing HOXB7 (lower panel) or transduced with empty vector (GFP, upper panel), scale bar 100 μm. e Representative sample analyzed for physical parameters by FACS. f Expression of surface markers CD14, CD45, CD90, CD73, and CD105 by FACS analysis in AD-MSC-GFP and AD-MSC-HOXB7

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