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Fig. 2

From: Impact of HOXB7 overexpression on human adipose-derived mesenchymal progenitors

Fig. 2

HOXB7 reduces senescence and increases the proliferation potential of AD-MSC ex vivo. a Relative Ki67 expression in AD-MSC-HOXB7 compared to AD-MSC-GFP at passage 9, *p value = 0.02. b Histogram indicating the percentages of the cells in G0/G1, S, and G2/M phases by FACS analyses. c Cumulative population doubling of AD-MSC-HOXB7 and AD-MSC-GFP calculated from passages 3 to 9. d Representative SA-β-Gal staining of AD-MSC-GFP (upper panel) and AD-MSC-HOXB7 (lower panel) performed at passage 13 at 4× high power field (n = 10) (EVOS™ FL Auto Imaging System). Scale bar 400 μm. (e) Quantification of SA-β-Gal positive cells at 2.5× high power field (n = 10), *p value = 1.92E−09. f Relative expression of senescence-related genes p21 and p53 by qRT-PCR in AD-MSC-HOXB7 compared to AD-MSC-GFP. Data are the mean of three biological samples, *p value = 0.02, **p value = 0.001

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