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Fig. 1

From: A comprehensive characterisation of large-scale expanded human bone marrow and umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells

Fig. 1

Cell morphologies and growth kinetics of BM- and UC-MSCs expanded in the Quantum® bioreactor and on tissue culture plastic (TCP). a Phase-contrast images of BM-MSCs isolated in the Quantum® and re-seeded on TCP at P1 and BM-MSCs and UC-MSCs after P1 expansion in the Quantum®, re-seeded on TCP at P2 (top rows), in comparison to TCP cultures at the same passage (bottom rows) . White arrows indicate macrophage-like cells. Scale bars represent 100 μm. b Growth kinetics for BM-MSCs and UC-MSCs grown in the Quantum® at P1. Comparison of MSCs generated from BM (grey line) or UC (black line) in the Quantum at P1 are displayed for comparison. c The P1 doubling time of BM-MSCs was significantly longer than UC-MSCs grown in the Quantum®. Mann-Whitney U test (*p = 0.029). Mean values are plotted ± standard deviations

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