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Fig. 3

From: Long-term neuronal survival, regeneration, and transient target reconnection after optic nerve crush and mesenchymal stem cell transplantation

Fig. 3

rMSC promoted target reinnervation 60 d.a.c. A Photomontage of a coronal brain section stained for nuclei, indicating the reinnervated areas shown in (A1) (optic tract, contralateral to the crushed nerve), (A2), and (A3) (lateral geniculate nuclei). RGC axons were labeled with cholera toxin (B) conjugated to Alexa 555 (CTB-555). B CTB-555+ axons were found at the SC. Nuclei were labeled with TOPRO-3 (blue). Scale bar: (A) 1000 μm; (A1, A2, A3, B) 100 μm. SC superior colliculus

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