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Fig. 3

From: OCT4 and PAX6 determine the dual function of SOX2 in human ESCs as a key pluripotent or neural factor

Fig. 3

Overexpression of SOX2 predisposes hESCs to neural differentiation in N2B27 media. a Representative images of control and SOX2-OE H1 hESCs cultured for 14 days in the N2B27 medium. Scale bar = 100 μm. b mRNA expression in control and SOX2-OE cells of a by qRT-PCR as relative to undifferentiated control hESCs. Data are presented as mean ± SD from six PCR tests of two independent biological samples. c Immunoblot of cell lysates isolated from b with indicated antibodies. d Immunostaining of cells as in b showing more nestin and less SOX17-positive cells in SOX2-OE cultures than controls. The area containing positive SOX17 signals in SOX2-OE culture is marked with dotted lines to show the absence of transgenic SOX2

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