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Fig. 6

From: OCT4 and PAX6 determine the dual function of SOX2 in human ESCs as a key pluripotent or neural factor

Fig. 6

PAX6-SOX2 differentially regulate OCT4 and BRN2 expression. a Schematic of OCT4-luciferase reporter constructs. PE and DE, proximal and distal enhancer regions, respectively; red bars—qPCR amplifying fragments in the ChIP-PCR. b Significant reduction of OCT4-luciferase activities in H1 hESCs co-transfected with PAX6 expressing vector. Histograms: quantitative analysis (n = 3) and *p < 0.05; representative immunoblot of PAX6 overexpression in the inserted images. c Schematic of BRN2-enhancer (BRN2-enh) luciferase reporter constructs. d BRN2-luciferase reporter assay in hNPCs. e Effect of SOX2-knockdown (SOX2-KD) and PAX6 overexpression (PAX-OE) on BRN2-enh luciferase activities in hNPCs. ***p < 0.0005 (n = 3)

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