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Fig. 3

From: Dose-dependent improvement of cardiac function in a swine model of acute myocardial infarction after intracoronary administration of allogeneic heart-derived cells

Fig. 3

Acute toxicity and biodistribution of pCPC in infarcted swine. a cTnI values measured over the course of the study. The slight elevation seen 24 h after vehicle/cell administration was not significantly different between groups. b Coronariogram obtained immediately after pCPC administration in a 50-M animal depicting complete opacification of the artery (TIMI 3). c Cytokine levels measured in plasma samples. Bars show the differences at 24 h after vehicle/cell administration referred to pre-administration values. d PET/CT images after 18F-FDG-labeled CPC administration. pCPC labeled with 18F-FDG were intracoronary administered in pigs 1 week after infarction. Cell distribution was analyzed by PET 4 h after cell infusion. d PET maximal intensity projection (MIP) images, showing the distribution of 18F-FDG activity over the entire body of the animal. e 18F-FDG activity could also be clearly detected in the bladder (b), kidneys (k), and lungs (l). f Sagittal sections of PET/CT images only in the heart area; a diffuse uptake is shown

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