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Fig. 7

From: Dose-dependent improvement of cardiac function in a swine model of acute myocardial infarction after intracoronary administration of allogeneic heart-derived cells

Fig. 7

Feasibility and safety study in healthy swine. pCPC (35 × 106) were administered via the LAD in healthy swine (n = 7). a Changes to cTnI (μg/L) observed at 4 h (T1) and 24 h (T2) after injection. b DE-CMR obtained at 24 h and 7 days showed no evidence of infarction. Representative short-axis image obtained 24 h after injection. c Hematoxilin-eosin staining of pigs hearts 3 weeks after cell administration. No tissue alterations or inflammatory processes were found in any case

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