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Fig. 6

From: Human embryonic stem cell-derived exosomes promote pressure ulcer healing in aged mice by rejuvenating senescent endothelial cells

Fig. 6

ESC-Exos could reduce oxidative stress and enhance the activity of the endogenous Nrf2 anti-oxidative system. a Intracellular ROS levels were determined by green fluorescent intensity after cells were labeled with DCFH-DA. n = 3 per group. Scale bar, 50 μm. b Oxidative stress levels were evaluated by the activity measurement of MDA, SOD, GSH-Px and CAT. n = 3 per group. ***P < 0.001 Aged versus Young group; ###P < 0.001 Aged-Exos versus Aged group. c Protein expression levels of Nrf2 and HO1 in indicated groups. n = 3 per group. d IF staining against CD31 and Nrf2. Endothelial cells (CD31), Nrf2-positive cells, and cell nuclei were stained red, green, and blue, respectively, at 14 days after initial treatment. The white arrows indicate the Nrf2+ vascular endothelial cells. n = 3 per group. Scale bar, 50 μm

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